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elyze coolsculpting

Why Does Coolsculpting Hurt?

Loffredo, they discussed the various options and, in the end, he chose Kybella as the best solution for Steinruck. Dr. Loffredo also told her that he and his practice partner, Seth Jones, MD , have performed the procedure on each other, so he was able to tell Steinruck exactly how it would feel and the recovery process. “How can you not trust them when they’ve both done it to each other?” Steinruck said. The second process is called Coolsculpting . An applicator applied to the chin pulls the fat into the applicator cup where cold plates reduce the temperature to a pre-determined freezing point. This initiates the breakdown of the fat cells, which the body eliminates over the next 12 weeks. While Dr. Loffredo has used Coolsculpting to treat “love handles,” backs and stomachs for the past three years, the development of the neck applicator provided the newest option for neck repair. Both the Coolsculpting and Kybella procedures are done in the office, have minimal discomfort and swelling, no scars, incisions or downtime, and the results are permanent. To make sure your results are what you want, Dr. Loffredo will meet with you for a consultation to discuss all options available to you.

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